Finding The Perfect Juicer

Nutritionists tell us all the time that we need to increase the amount of foods high citric acid/vitamin that we eat and drink. One of the best ways to do this is simply to eat citrus fruits or to drink lots of juice. If you want all the nutrition and benefits of your citrus fruits, you simply must get a Best Citrus Juicer of your own.

Before you run out to the store to buy some canned juice think again. The frozen juice products are high in added sugars. Even those that they say are one hundred percent juice are processed and pasteurized before they leave the factory. That means that you miss out on all the great nutrients you need from your citrus fruit.

With a citrus juicer, you can capture all the benefits of your fruit and drink it too! Before you rush out to purchase a juicer, here is some helpful information that might help you decide what kind of juicer you need.

Many people who choose to go with a juicer first check out centrifugal juice extractors. These are high power juicers, which separate the fiber from the juice into different containers. However, due to the process it uses to extract the juice, it produces a lot of heat which destroys enzymes and nutrients.

Masticating juice extractors are expensive but are versatile. Not only can you use them to juice just about anything, even hard product, and leafy vegetables, they can also produce pasta, sauces, baby and nut foods, as well as paste. Because of its slow speed of operation, it produces less heat, meaning less oxidation and more nutrition for you.

Traditional citrus juicers are just for citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges. They are inexpensive and have few parts. When looking for a new juicer, choose one that has several ribbed cones, of all different sizes to help you extract juice from the different sized fruit. You will want a juicer that will allow you to control just how much pulp gets into your juice. Pulp free? That's okay. But for tops in nutrition, the pulp is best for you. Look for a juicer that you can pour directly from. This way you don't have to fiddle with it before you pour it, fresh, into your cup. Drink up! Good nutrition can be yours with a citrus juicer. On the other hand, triturating citrus juicers can be used for extracting juices of choice vegetables like carrots, beetroots, green veggies, sprouts, etc. The only drawback about using such kind of juice extractors is that it is a slow extracting process and may take a longer time to produce a high quality juice.